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Yuki Shiroi is an illustrator and multidisciplinary artist living and working in Berlin, Germany.

She uses simple hand rendered line drawings and a combination of acrylics, clay, textiles and gold leaf to craft her uniquely imagined world of strange animals and characters, heavily influenced by the
native art of Central American and Amazonian tribes.

Her work is used in an editorial, publishing, advertising, animation and mural context. She has worked for many clients worldwide including Tundra (UK), JIS (JP), Chaya (DE) and Hataguchi Collective (USA) and has worked on murals in Germany, Mexico and Finland.

In March 2018, she conducted four workshops in Rauma, Finland for children aged 6 – 14 concerning creative approaches to developing artistic ideas and processes.

Yuki is continuously exploring and developing her interests in Amazonian tribes and aboriginal artwork.


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