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Working as a visual artist

I specialize in hand-drawn paintings and handicrafts, with fictional worlds and characters, which convey ideas and emotions in an original and exciting way.
My aspiration is to draw the audience into my fictional worlds, to share hidden stories and to find a connection with viewers through this creative process. My key interests are human’s beliefs and their aesthetic senses in each culture.
Forms of life, cosmology and tribal cultures are examples of my recent study subjects, as well as living in the now– knowing what is going on in the world today, on a long-term and day-to-day basis.

Living in Berlin

Berlin was the first city I ever immigrated to. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to live in different cities, but I was drawn back to Berlin in 2012 because of its public art, the uniqueness of its people, and its distinct blend of cultures.
Furthermore, the events and interactions in this city, where people from various countries come together, have enriched my life experiences and fueled my creative endeavours. It’s a place where I can always gain new perspectives and insights.



2023: banner for Newspapers, business cards, Rum Label, comics (Ubahn), web design, wrapping paper
2022: Gin labels( 5 Streets edition), Webdesign, Logo design, Brochures
2021: NFT playing card, Character design, Posters, Short promo Animations
2020: Calvados labels, Gin labels, Wrapping paper, Business card
2019: Brochures, Gin label, logo design, illustration for theatre background