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Working as a visual artist, living in Berlin
I specialize in hand-drawn paintings and handicrafts, with fictional worlds and characters, which convey ideas and emotions in an original and exciting way.
My aspiration is to draw the audience into my fictional worlds, to share hidden stories and to find a connection with viewers through this creative process. My key interests are human’s beliefs and their aesthetic senses in each culture.

Forms of life, cosmology and tribal cultures are examples of my recent study subjects, as well as living in the now– knowing what is going on in the world today, on a long-term and day-to-day basis.

In the past years, I have participated in several artist residencies in Europe and Central / South America. During the residency, I put myself in public spaces and spread my message amicably to local people.
I also conducted art workshops, which were based on cultural research and individual approaches to the artistic process.



  • 2023

Jetro Berlin : Brochure, Banner for Tagesspigel, Privat:illustration for Businesscard,

Japan Import System :Victorian Vat Gin, Bespoke Batch Artdirection

  • 2021

Unicask: NFT playing card, Character design, Japan Import System:Jinx promotion Art direction for animation, Kodomo Yume Kikin:Posters

  • 2020

Cheateau de Breul:Bottle label & Poster, Japan Import System:Victorian Vat Gin, Bottle label & Poster, CHAYA:Wrapping paper

  • 2019

Diez GmbH: Company brochure, Japanese tee Magazine, Utagokoro:Illustration for Theater background, Privat: “100 years Obaba” book Illustration

  • 2018

Japan Import System:Victorian Vat Gin Seasonable labels, ohanaya:Branding design/Illustration

  • 2017

CHAYA GmbH: Interior design, Branding , illustration
Branding design,